Wolfhound Guarantee

No other Adventure Company in Ireland can guarantee all of this!

100% Irish

Other adventure companies in Ireland masquerade as being Irish-owned. But many are not. So by booking with Wolfhound you can do your bit to support a locally-owned Irish business.

Wolfhound is 100% Irish owned and run, to be sure. Guaranteed. If you're thinking of booking with another company and are in doubt ... why not ask them? Or test their knowledge of the Irish language on the spot.

100% Irish Guides

By booking with Wolfhound you are supporting the employment of Irish guides. When you book a Wolfhound adventure you are guaranteed to be personally guided through Ireland by a local born and bred 100% Irish Guide for the full duration of your adventure. Guaranteed.

100% what you book

Other companies will place you on trains or local buses for connections but won't tell you until the last minute. This is bad customer service. With Wolfhound there are no hidden secrets. You book an adventure for 5, 6 or 10 days and you are with your local Wolfhound guide for the whole tour. Guaranteed.

100% Guaranteed to Travel

If we confirm your booking then we travel. We've never cancelled a departure. Guaranteed.

100% Customer first

Each Wolfhound Adventure is tailor-made to suit our clients travelling each week. That means that your local Wolfhound guide is 100% focused on your needs and abilities. While other tour companies focus on mainstream sites and kickbacks, Wolfhound is focused on giving you the Irish adventure of a lifetime. Guaranteed.

Double overnights

Most Wolfhound adventures feature at least one double overnight on tour which means you don't have to pack your bags every morning. Guaranteed.

100% Irish Welcome

The Lonely Planet Guide 2008 named Ireland as the friendliest country in the world. On a Wolfhound adventure we take you away from the mainstream to where the legendary welcomes are guaranteed. Guaranteed.

100% Time of your life

A journey through Ireland on a Wolfhound adventure guarantees that you will hear tales of history and legend, visit forgotten and ancient ruins, hike to lost villages, explore remote wilderness and at the end of every day you'll wish you could do it all again. A Wolfhound adventure is sure to be the time of your life.

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